A.T.V. Riding

A.T.V. Riding in Northern Maine is as exciting as it gets with practically untouched nature all around you, It is not uncommon to see Moose all summer long when riding in Northern Maine. Beautiful Trout streams, small Trout lakes, and ponds are right off the trails. We have hundreds of miles of A.T.V. trails in Northern Maine, and best of all the trail starts right at our Lodge doorstep so no long traveling to reach the trails.

Fully furnished camp rentals are available for A.T.V. riding all summer long. Come see God's Country for yourself, the best way you can on an A.T.V. Bring a grill for your A.T.V. cookout on the trail, or bring a fishing pole to fish many of the Trout streams of Northern Maine.

Guided trips are available. Rates are as follows,

Half Day - $25.00 per person 3 person or $75.00 minimum

Full Day - $50.00 per person 3 person or $150.00 minimum

Happy Trails!